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Part 2 – Testimonials at the Internet Business 2-Day Seminar Bootcamp

As you may be aware the LAGOS Version of my 2-Day Information & Internet Business Bootcamp is this Saturday and Sunday August 24th and 25th here.

Not only that, we are doing the DVD recording (at N15,000) of the LIVE practical seminar for 2 days where You Watch Me launch a new Internet Business right before your eyes and you see the step-by-step process I used to turn N30,000 into a N500,000 per month Internet Publishing Business!

I’ll admit it, I was wrong!

As one of Nigeria’s foremost Internet Business Mentors, I receive on a “daily” basis emails, smses (even calls) from people who are TIRED of not having enough money but want to look for alternate, simple ways to make MORE money. When I give my advice it never ceases to amaze me at Continue reading

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Info and Internet Business 2-Day Seminar Bootcamp Warri Testimonials

Last two weekends ago my first ever once in 3 years Information and Internet Business 2-Day Seminar and Bootcamp held in the city of Warri, Delta State Nigerian August 10th and 11th, 2013 and it was a blast! One attendee called it “Mega Successful” for him because of all he GAINED.

If you missed the one at Warri, now you have ANOTHER Chance to join me at LAGOS this month of August 24th and 25th where I will be teaching You basically EVERYTHING I know and DO to bank over N500,000 per month online using just a computer and an internet connection.

The thing is, you only have the next 72 hrs before Continue reading

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Do you? Tiger Woods knows this making Money online SECRET in Nigeria

This is to people who want to make money online with online jobs in Nigeria using the SAME secrets that Tiger Woods and David Becham uses! Okay before I start, can you answer this? “What do Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Kobe Bryant, Drew Brees and David Beckham have in common?” 

They are the world’s highest paid athletes according to Forbes Magazine, with Tiger Woods topping the list at $78.1 Million in winnings and endorsement deals according to calculations made in June 2013. (*Eyes open in SHOCK*..That’s LAST month!) 

Actually, today’s article is the Part 2 of my blog article titled “What is the most important thing you can do right now to start getting a regular SECOND income so you can finally solve Continue reading

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One Question Asked By Nigerians Who Want to Make Money Online, Answered

Few weeks ago, the false rumor that Tiger Woods had died flooded the Internet.  The rumor spread when someone created a “R.I.P. Tiger Woods” Facebook page. Clearly some people have more time on their hands than they know what to do with.  They must if they can afford to waste their time on something that produces no benefit for themselves or anyone else for that matter.

What that person did willingly is something we all fear…

Wasting time.    

It’s now JULY 2013…(6 months gone into the year…Hold that thought a for a moment). How productive has the last 6 months been for you financially? 

It’s been a Continue reading

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Part 4 – Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria

Welcome to the Part 4 of my training series titled The Fastest and Easiest Online Business System in Nigeria for Quick Crazy Cash (QCC)! I will continue from where I stopped in the Part 3 where I revealed the Top 4 Niche Markets in the world which can never ever be saturated until the end of time.

Before I tell you the very powerful niche I recommend you start immediately out of those four best niche markets for your online marketing business…in which you can make between N50,000 – N150,000 monthly in the next 12 weeks, I want to quickly answer the two most-burning questions I get asked over and over again.

Question 1: Can someone really make money online legally without fraud?
Question 2: How much can someone really, really, really make from the online business?

To answer those questions, look at these screenshots:

I gave N1 Million Naira in one sitting to God in my church (Christ Embassy) just 7 days ago. The screenshot above is the bank’s email alert notifying me of that debit on our account.

I’m not talking about N10,000 or N100,000 or even N990,000. It was N1,000,000 with Six Zeros.

In my previous training I showed you how our company has already PAID OUT over N1 Million Naira as commissions to other Nigerians over a space of 12 months who are into the Leveraged Affiliate Marketing Online Business and how we have increased our Target PAYOUT to N10 Million Naira.

Are you interested in that N10 Million Naira payout? If yes, just in case you missed that article and have not yet registered your interest to be part of it, do so now here.  and here

Now I have gave out another N1 Million Naira (N1,000,000) in one sitting 7 days ago.

But why am I sharing this with you?

Not to brag at all. Far from it, but to show you what is “possible” for YOU too! 

MILLIONS of Naira are being made by several Nigerians from the online marketing business…it’s NOT fraud! And it’s for REAL. Now here’s the screenshot of the same bank alert via SMS sent directly to my phone of the N1 Million Naira debited from my account:

This N1 Million Naira I gave to God in my church was made directly from the online marketing business.

NOTE: I’ve long gone past making 6-figure incomes monthly, I now make 7-figure incomes from the online business.


So if you have tried to start an online business before and failed or tried and then got discouraged or tried and got defrauded, just like you it has also happened to me before. 

But one tangible difference between myself and many people is I NEVER gave up! (even when temptations to do so came). That is the most deadly mistake 95% of people who “actually” start an online business make. Once they face one little problem, make no money within their first 90 days, they STOP.

What such people are forgetting is, Rome was “not” built in a day. It’s the same way with the online business. The remaining 5% of us despite challenges kept on working on our online businesses and are now making 7-figure income online.

Will you belong to the 95% group of people who give up or will you be among the 5% of us who remain steadfast on their online business despite the odds and challenges?
Since you are reading this right now what I’m saying is do NOT let the past stop you from making tremendous progress in starting and growing a successful online business.

Aha, just a side note:

WARNING: I know that since many Nigerians have seen me giving N1M I would be receiving emails of “I Beg”. Let me just warn you that all potential sob stories won’t work on me. Reason? That is what I call the “real” fraud. Truth is, I don’t know who is saying the truth or trying to play 419, so don’t bother. I “always” hit DELETE once I read such.

Now let’s get right into the nitty-gritty of today’s training.

The very powerful niche I recommend you start immediately which can help you make between N50,000 – N150,000 monthly within the next 24 weeks is the Wealth Niche


And Sub-niche for that is: Make Money Online Niche


Why did I say that?


There are hundreds of thousands of Nigerians who are highly desperate to have a source of good month-by-month income.


And the Online Marketing Business is one of the platforms that can give absolutely anyone who can read, write, copy and paste such an income opportunity.


Here are some proofs of this: 








Here are the latest headlines in the news:

– 16,000 scramble for 100 judiciary jobs
– 776,000 jobs lost in textile industry
– 20.3 Million Nigerians currently unemployed

What do all these mean?

People WANT money and they’ll spend money to get money. It’s as simple as that. Who wouldn’t want to make more money? Right now the country is hurting badly for jobs and money, and people are looking for new ways to generate money, especially online.

Nigerians are highly desperate for a source of livelihood and this is where you come in. You will help them get a source of income by positioning the various online businesses as a solution to them.

But you will do that via the Leveraged Affiliate Marketing Business.

VERY Important: Make sure to return to this article to see exactly what the Ultimate Earn While you Learn program is all about.

Click here to see how an Ibo man made N203,000 in 20 days using this SAME Leveraged Affiliate Marketing Business. 

This is how it works:

Introduction to the Ultimate Earn While you Learn program

Here’s a Fact: 9 of 10 Nigerians Want to Make More Money but 9 out 10 Nigerians will fail because of the tedious work, amount of money need to run it and technical skills involved.

But now You Can Profit from the N200 Million a Year Make Money Niche filled with Hungry Buyers!

Here are the latest sky-high monthly searches of people actively looking for various ways to make money (This Month’s Search Record):


Would you like a Slice of this N200 Million a Year Make Money Niche Filled With Ready-to-Buy Buyers?

Yes, Of course you would!!!

But what does it take to truly be able to make money from this hot niche? 

Here’s a simple 5-step formula:

Step 1: Create a squeeze page and give away something valuable for free to build a mailing list

A squeeze page is simply a page which allows you to collect your visitors contact details (such as email). In order to convince your visitors to enter their contact details, you will have to offer a free gift that is useful to your target market.

To do that, you need an autoresponder like

Step 2: Build a solid relationship with your subscribers by sending out regular content emails

After your visitors become your subscribers, you need to maintain a good relationship with them so they’ll open your emails when you send them. You can do so by scheduling content emails inside your autoresponder follow-up sequence so the emails will be sent out automatically say once every 2-4 days…

Step 3: Mail out affiliate offers to your list. The reason why you would want to build a list is so you can provide value to your subscribers and also eventually sell them something and make money.

This will be the fastest way you can make money through affiliate marketing. 🙂

Step 4: Start a blog website in the make money niche with weekly relevant blog posts

Step 5: Drive traffic to both your squeeze page and blog

This is the same proven formula that has been used by all successful online marketers who earn a 6-7 figure income monthly. The only problem is most people get stumped by the sheer amount of work involved and the huge expenses accrued monthly

Because it means you’ll have to:

1. Design and setup a website blog, like the one at at N35,000

2. Host the website and pay for it annually or monthly. For example, we spend $300 (N49,500) annually just for this alone. Here’s a recent payment we made for this a few weeks ago:

3. Write 10 or more powerful blog articles and post them on your blog 1-2 times weekly (N500/article) at N5,000 per month

4. Create and setup an autoresponder software for your squeeze page like the one at at N4,250 per month. Because of the huge list I have, we spend $92.20 (N15,213) on this, but as a beginner you will most likely spend N4,250 per month. See our recent payment for this:

5. Write a giveaway report to build your list at N4,500 per month

6. Write 10 -20 converting follow up messages (N250/email) at N5,000 per month

7. Researching and writing a product for sale at N12,000

8. Pay for internet access – the cheapest being Glo data 4G at N5,000 per month

9. Regular training to be better in your online business at N7,500 per month

10. Monthly traffic generation at least N12,000 per month

11. And other hidden costs I won’t mention here (miscellaneous costs) at 20,000+ per month

Total Monthly Expenditure on your business = N51,250 per month

Adding website creation + product creation + traffic generation at (N35,000 + N12,000 + N12,000)  = N110,250

The TRUTH is most online gurus won’t tell you that you need to spend at least N100,000 EVERY month on your online business whether you make a dime or not if you want to see a consistent month-by-month income later on…

How Much Will It Cost For You To Do These Yourself? N100,000 and ABOVE!

And that is exactly what discourages many people from continuing their online businesses! They don’t have a lot of monthly running cost capital.

Let’s say you decide to cut some costs and do some of these things yourself…

By the time you’re done with all those things, (if you ever get done!) you’re exhausted, uncertain and ready to give up! Let’s face the truth…everyone is not gifted to do these things themselves.

But what if there was a way for you to still have your slice of the N200 Million a Year “Make Money” niche where you only invest 1.38% of that same amount and time

… instead of the whole 100% in setting up and running your business, would you be interested?

This is where the Ultimate Earn While You Learn program comes to play with the Leveraged Affiliate Marketing Business.

The Affiliate Marketing Online Business is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products.

You find a product you like, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.

You’re happy because you earned a commission…

The company is happy because they have a new sale from a customer that they might not have normally been able to reach…

And the customer is happy because they learned about a product from you that will hopefully fulfill a need or desire.

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have to invest the time and effort to create a product to sell.


Here is ANOTHER Make Money Niche Problem…

Yes, there’s another problem in this market. It’s the MAIN reason why Mr. A can follow the 5-step process of starting and running an online business but still NOT make a dime.

The PROBLEM is: People do NOT believe you!

You say you want to help Mr. B make money when he buys and uses your product but, your website is crappythere are NO or not enough proofs that you actually make money online yourself using the same product…or if there are proofs at all, it’s a 2008 bank statement (probably stolen from someone else’s website) and to make matters even worse…

–    You don’t know how to use the right words to market your products online
–   You don’t know how to make others believe you enough to buy
–   You don’t know what to say if a would-be customer calls
–   You don’t know how to answer your email enquiries
–   You don’t know how to build a “buyers” list
–   You don’t know a LOT of things about making money online

Can you see why the “Make Money” niche has been HARD for you?

But who says a newbie or an upcoming online business man or woman should be disadvantaged by this?


The 8 Secret Leveraged Affiliate Marketing TACTICS

Here are the secret strategies you can start using within the next 72 hours to leverage the make money niche: 

1. Leverage the time: No need to spend strenuous time learning how to design a website, squeeze page (list-building form) or spend amounts of money to have someone do it for you. We will take care of that for you! 

2. Leverage the products: No product to sell? Don’t know what to sell online? No problems.

ONE TRUTH about making money online is: To make a consistent month-by-month income online, you’ve got to sell different products, NOT one. That’s the real secret of millionaires. They don’t rely on one product, they have several products to offer the market.

For example, Dangote; he’s into cement, salt, spaghetti, noodles, flour etc. Look at Coca cola; they’re into coke, fanta, water, juice etc.

And so when you take advantage of our “Ultimate Earn While You Learn” program, we have you covered by giving you our TOP performing products which has already sold over hundred copies. You get 5 SOLID products where you make 45% commissions:

#1: Hobby Income Formula (N5,500)
#2: Blog Cash System (N5,900)
#3: Mini Website Design (N4,900)
#4: Ultimate Earn While You Learn Program (Nxyz)
#5: Facebook Marketing Secrets (N7,500)

3. Leverage the tools:  There are some tools you need in your online business which the last time I checked cost me $300 and $92. every 6 months (click here to see proofs and check out the dates, total of N64,680 bi-annually), but when you are using Leveraged tools, we will take care of that for you (you WON’T pay any monthly fees) until you have grown big enough financially to pay for yours.

4. Leverage passive incomes: Here you make money from your own sale and from another person’s work. Let’s assume that as an affiliate partner, you earn 45% per sale of a product but assuming you get someone else to become an affiliate partner through you, when that affiliate makes a sale, YOU also receive a 5-10% commission from his sale.

You make money from your own sale and from another person’s work without reducing the commission from him.

Sweet, right?  That is Leverage!

5. Leverage the promo content: This is all the “monthly” free reports you will give out to people to build your list, all the “weekly” follow up emails needed to build a rapport with your list.

It also includes the “different” marketing strategies you will use to build your list and get ENOUGH people to buy through you. This is where the real WORK is. But we have taken care of these for you! We will give these to you every month.

6. Leverage the success proofs: Remember the mega problem about people NOT believing you in the MM niche because you have little or no success proofs? With the Leveraged Affiliate Marketing business, you can legally use the success proofs of our company by referring them to OUR Success proofs on OUR websites when you become a Partner with us.

7. Leverage the customer support: Okay, this is not something the so-called gurus will readily share with you about the online business but I’ll tell you. The people who will buy the products through you do not see your face and most times before they ever give money for such products, they will ask questions about the products and creator of such products.

This is where many people make deadly mistakes because they don’t know how give answers that will eventually sell the products. But all that is taken care of when you use the Leveraged marketing program.

As experts in the field, we will be YOUR salesman and customer reps while you happily collect your commissions after we have convinced your client to buy the product through your affiliate link.

8. Leverage Earn while you Learn: Like I shared with you in Part 2 of this series, Leverage is the assisted advantage produced from using a tool.  Leverage is the ability to achieve a great gain from a lesser investment – whether that investment is time, effort or money.

If you wanted to start any new business, the first thing you need to do is to research about the business and then spend quality time learning the business, finding the best suppliers you can afford etc. In the online business, it’s the same thing.

You have to spend time at least 3 months learning about it and considering the Nigerian factor, you may have to spend 1- 2 years learning about the various parts of it before you start.

Pause: Ask yourself now how long you have heard its possible to make money online and how long you have been buying one product or the other which promised to be the magic bullet that will solve all your money problems but NEVER made a single dime for you!

Are you getting to 4 years yet?

But that is NOT so with the “Ultimate Earn While You Learn” program, because together with some experts in the UK we designed it in such a way that you can start making money the SAME month you begin because…

I’m going to hand you the exact systems, templates and campaigns I personally use to bank 6-figures monthly. You only need to copy Success

All you need do is…COPY…EDIT…PASTE…PROFIT

I will set up a Complete Internet Business for You…Then I Will Teach You How to RUN it!

No need sweating profusely just to set up the business yourself because in the Ultimate Earn While You Learn program, you will be getting the work of…

–   A talented web designer…
–   A professional copywriter…
–  An incredible writer!
–   An amazing marketer
–  An ever Ready-to-help coach!

“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.” Anthony Robbins

I will stop here today so you can go over today’s training over again so you can decide if you want the “Complete Business-in-a-Box” system or not and…

Tomorrow in the Part 5 of this series I’ll reveal:

–       The exact FIVE Money Trees you get in the “Ultimate Earn while You Learn” system

–       How you can make N13,635 per day online from them…

–       The secret tactic you can use immediately to make residual income from other peoples work without lifting a finger

–       How to choose between a Fabricated car or a Brand New sports car in your online business

See you in the Part 5 of this series titled The Fastest and Easiest Online Business System in Nigeria for Quick Crazy Cash (QCC)!


Be Bold. Take Action!

Onome make N13,635 per day Maureen




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Part 3 – Ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria

In today’s article, you will see LIVE proofs of how we have PAID out over N1 Million Naira to our online Nigerian Affiliate Partners in just over 1 year and how you can be  involved in our N10 Million naira Target payouts to affiliate partners this year in our “Ultimate Earn while You Learn program”.

Did you just say OVER N1 Million Naira paid to other Nigerians in the online business?

Yes! We did and it was not Continue reading

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Part 2 – There is SO Much Money to be Made Online in Nigeria

Welcome to the in the Part 2 of my series titled The Fastest and Easiest Online Business System in Nigeria for Quick Crazy Cash (QCC)! I started Part 1 a few days ago, if you missed it you can quickly access it here before continuing with today’s training where you will discover exactly How to use LEVERAGE to legally Steal your share of the Passive income available in the Online Business right here in Nigeria. 

Firstly, what Continue reading

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EXPOSED: There is SO Much Money to be Made Online in Nigeria

That’s a Shocking Truth! Another real SHOCKER is absolutely anybody in Nigeria, living anywhere in the world can make money online in Nigeria. I will give you some proofs of this in this very article but before I do that, if you are subscribed to my FREE newsletter by filling the form on the right-handside of this website then you must have gotten my email where I said…

I carried out a TEST last month (January) where I learnt something – unique – something I wouldn’t have learnt, had I not seen it and how January Continue reading

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My Last Post…For 2012 – Welcome 2013! :-)

How time flies, another year is gone and a New Year is beginning. With that…

I sincerely wish you and your family a very

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 and best of health,

wealth and happiness in ALL you do!

Have you made your RESOLUTIONS for 2013?

Or do you find them “useless”…

Honestly, a resolution is simply an ACKNOWLEDGMENT of your goals and what you want in your life. And you DO need to know what you want in your life, and then work hard at achieving them.

It’s as “simple” as that.

Well obviously there are going to be some obstacles along the way and you’ll feel lazy and undisciplined (we’re humans!) but…

The only way to achieve your goals is to overcome your inertia and DO IT! This applies to almost anything and everything in your life, just like mine.

Thus, resolutions are not only for the New Year…but they should be…


I mean – set goals and achieve them. That’s all there is to it isn’t it?

At least you TRY.

Same goes for internet marketing and especially if you want to make money online…

Face it – it’s a BUSINESS…and you need to BUILD IT UP.

Think about it and make your decision.

This is the PERFECT TIME to do it as we’re heading into the New Year.

Life is short!

I’m going to leave you with a very powerful REPORT  titled “Goals” by one of the foremost motivators and business success coaches in the world called Brian Tracy. Its only 11 pages.
Truth is the report is SO powerful that so many of us Nigerian internet marketers are giving it out to their subscribers…it’s THAT important and so as my dearly beloved subscriber, here;s your copy…

…and I sincerely hope it give you a direction to go with (and it’s a very important one!)

Right click on this link to download now (read it before 2013 :-) care once again and Happy New Year!

Be BOLD. Make things Happen.

Onome Maureen


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Why November Is So Important For Your Online Business Success

Happy new month dearest readers of this  blog!

Its been awhile since I sent you any make money online in Nigeria newsletter and I’m sorry for the long silence. I have been busy working in my Joint-Affiliate Partnership program with Dr. Ela in the Weight Loss Niche and so I hardly had extra time to write any make money articles for you, BUT that has changed now because I would be giving you more online income e articles to point you in the right directions since its barely 7 weeks to the end of this year.

There are some KEY things you need to know and do if you want to be even MORE successful in your business using the advantage of the internet and I’ll be here over the next few weeks to share powerful information about them over the next few weeks so stick close to your email – that is for people who Continue reading

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