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Why Everyone Above 20 years Absolutely Should Start a Business

I strongly believe everyone above the age of 20 should start a business, at least an Online Business!  Most people reading this at first are at least a little curious (and sometimes skeptical) about the idea of starting an online business. But it’s not quite as mysterious as it sounds. Firstly, what is an online business?

An online business is simply a business done with the “advantage” of the internet.

Nowadays, at least the last 5 years in Nigeria you will find that businesses which used to be purely offline, now have seen the light about using the internet to make MORE money.

I’m talking about companies like Coca cola, Closeup, Guiness, Samsung, Nollywood, Dangote, Events makers etc.

Nowadays, you can buy or pay for almost anything online. From clothes, shoes, food, electronics, phones, laptops, land, holidays, school fees etc.

What do all these this tell you?

Any business can DOUBLE its profit using the internet and starting a business because…

1. It’s very, very cheap for businesses to reach hundreds of thousands & even millions of customers on the internet

2. It’s quite affordable to launch or start a business using the internet than a brick & mortar business

3. It’s faster and easier to succeed and make a 7 figure income with YOUR own business, than it is working for someone else

4. There are NOT enough jobs available that pay a 6 figure income

5. Majority of the jobs available are paying peanuts

I have many friends way back from my university days who don’t make enough money to save for an emergency. If ever they get in a car accident or run into some kind of financial crisis, their lives will be very difficult.

My bosom friend’s younger sister graduated from the university six years ago and up till this moment is still having trouble entering the crowded job market which is currently downsizing. She feels stuck, like there’s no place to go.

My husband and I know a couple that’s adopting a child from Uganda (which can be expensive), and they’re exploring ways of making a side income. The trouble is they’re not sure where to start.

And of course, I have a ton of people who are working a day job, while waiting to move to a better job  — some day. In the meantime, they’re growing frustrated.

What are these people supposed to do? One strategy would be to stop waiting for opportunity to come and instead to take it. They can start a business – an online business or part online, part offline business!

One of such businesses would be the Oil & Gas business, like the one here!

There are literally thousands of business ideas floating around you.

Some are brand new ideas, while others have been successfully implemented by hundreds or thousands of people. Many of these ideas are simple, straightforward, and inexpensive to start, while others are a bit more complex.

What’s my point?

My point is that there is almost no reason for you to not have your own business. Don’t think about the worst aspects of a business like registering a company name, employing people, or any other issues that you normally think about in order “talk yourself OUT of” having your own business.

It’s a lot easier than you might think. Start small and simple, using your own sweat labor to execute the idea. Then, success and your entrepreneurial spirit may eventually take over and lead you to heights you may have never imagined.

But you will never encounter such success if you never take a bold step to start, despite some failures in the past.

There are several benefits to starting your own business, and I recommend that everyone try it at least once. You will never know if it is for you until you experience it for yourself. Still not persuaded?

Here are six awesome benefits to starting your own business:

1. You Make Extra Income

If you are to ask nearly any business owner why they started their endeavor, one of the reasons will always be “for the money.” Who doesn’t like some more cash, even if it is supplemental? While profitability is not a guarantee, you can easily start a business with low risk such as the Oil & Gas business in order to avoid a huge loss.

Who doesn’t love the idea of starting a side business for extra cash in their pocket?


2. You Build a Strong Network

If you think that owning your own business will completely make you a lone ranger or laughing stock, you are seriously mistaken. Growing up, my Dad owned a business. He depended on himself greatly, but was also reliant on customers, distributors, a bookkeeper, and most importantly, his customers.

The people you meet and work with throughout your business dealings will eventually become a strong part of not only your business network, but also your personal network. Friendship and business relationships often go hand in hand, and you will be able to learn from and grow with them.

For example, until I started my Oil & Gas business with Joke Enaks did we become real friends. I’ve known him for a few years, though not closely before that.

Networking is one of the most important aspects of both personal and professional growth, so why not try to open up your own network even more with your own business?


 3. You Learn New Skills

When I first started my online business, I knew NOTHING.

But now, I know how to design a website, how to sell products using facebook, how to motivate people using words, how to write articles, how to use the internet to research almost any topic etc.

The more you work to build your business, the more you will learn how little you actually know. As your business expands, you will learn time management, discipline, bookkeeping, new types of problem solving, marketing, and a tons of other skills.

You will learn plenty about yourself and what you can handle throughout the life of your business. The lessons are invaluable and 100% unique to starting your own business.


4. You Become Permanently Self-Employment

If you do decide to start small, there is no reason not to have the goal of becoming your own boss.

Of course, making the move from a part time business to a full time career is never easy, but can be extremely rewarding.

Let’s assume that right now, you’re looking for an extra income by starting your own business. This means you are looking for supplementary income. What if this income suddenly replaces your income (replaceable income) and in a few months becomes a Life-Changing Income! 

Now the question you maybe asking right now is, “Onome, where can I find such a business that can give me a life-changing income”

To answer, its been under your nose for sometime.

Infact, with this business idea, your current ANNUAL income can BECOME your Monthly income.

The business is no other than the Oil and Gas business!

Click here to see How young guys and ladies are making a 6-figure income and even 7-figure income (N2 million Naira per month) from the Oil & Gas business in Nigeria.

Your business and income will NOT explode on its own, but the work you put into making your business YOUR career is more than worth it if you can reach that point.

There are also many benefits to being self-employed such as setting your own hours, privacy, no commuting long hours, self-employed tax benefits happiness, flexibility etc are just a few of the many perks you will enjoy by making your successful business a career.


 5. You Get To Live a Little

For many going for a holiday, driving the car they love, donating to worthy causes, helping others, living in the houses and neighborhood they love is an impossible dream.

Some can’t even dream it.

But do you know that starting your own business can get you to live the life you deserve to live. It’s time to stop envying others, stop stealing, stop raining curses on successful people and START your own business.

I know several young people right here in Lagos, Ibadan, Benin, Akure, Warri, Kaduna, Ilorin and many other cities in their twenties, thirties who are living the life some people in their 50’s only dream about.

For example, I’m writing this article from Dubai (I’m on a 4-week vacation).

Sure, some jobs can give you a once a year vacation for 2 weeks at best.

How many will sponsor it abroad?

When I return I’d be getting myself a clean Limited Edition, Full-option, 2007 Toyota SUV to play with.

I went on this trip with my tightest friend, another Successful Internet business and Travel consultant, Efe Imiren to Dubai. The famous 34 year old female (Linda Ikeji) just bought herself her dream car for N24 million Naira.

Now, are we politicians? Do we have 2 heads? Do we have god-fathers?

Nope! We are just brave young ladies who took the bull by the horns, started a business and stuck to it NO matter the challenges that come up.

It’s your TURN.

Start a part-time business TODAY!

There will never be a perfect time with all fingers being perfectly aligned.


6. You Become an Investor

For many, they started a business to make money, to LIVE a little.

Now, after you have done that, the next thing starting your business can do for you is: Make you an Investor!

You can now begin to invest in things and people for Automatic, Life-changing Income that keeps on producing and working for you for years and years and years to come.

I’m talking about real estate investments, high-level investments, dream investments, people investments etc.

I’d stop here today, but I hope you’ve been inspired to start your business or continue in your business.

Have you ever tried to start a business? Did it work out? Did you gain some neat experiences? Are you afraid of the risk involved in potentially starting a business that fails? I’d love to hear your comments on the topic.


Talk to you in the comments section below.

To you, the next Oil & Gas business baron!

Onome “currently chilling in Dubai” Maureen


  1. I have been try to start online business long time ago but find it difficult to get through, enlight me how to get balance.

    • darlington chuku says:

      hello Onome.
      I’ve read so many articles about this oil & gas seminars, I see you are doing real good, all I need is your assurance that you will help me out, because so many scammers on the internet are on the prowl. and were I work don’t earn that much. wish you all the best.

  2. Tyna says:

    Hello Maureen,

    This is really inspiring and I want to truly succeed like you. However, the issue is I am scared of the risk. I will require close monitoring and mentorship as my husband does not even believe in some things. So I want to surprise him and look forward to succeeding in this business.



  3. this is very good and inspiring onome, am also into the internet business world and it is very lucreative if you know what to do, this business gives total liberty, and anyone anywhere in the world can do it. @ Muhammed mukadam usman, my brother getting a balance mean you have to learn more, be dedicated to work on your online business like your normal day job for a start! but me i spend around 2 hours par day on my serial internet business, but initially i was working more than 14 hours a day when i first started. but am moving towards a point where i just work 1 hour a day and have all the rest of the free time in the world. this business is fun…. i recommend you start here it’s free seefutureincome . com you get a lot of training and you meet like minded people around the world too to motivate you, the begining is the hardest part, after then it’s as easy as drinking water. i hope that helps…

  4. kola says:

    Thanks for this. I believe that mr Tunde can start something immediately. Its better late than never.
    I believe there is much misconception about Internet business in nigeria.
    This is due to ignorance,laziness and complacency.
    That’s why this kind of your write up is very good.
    keep it up.
    Iam awaiting your response on the auto pilot affiliate business.

  5. Folarin says:

    Thank you Onome for this inspiring message.
    you are fantastic in changing the life of common man

  6. oladele says:

    tanks onome … but I got no laptop can I start with a phone?

  7. oladele says:

    please am a begineer and I need procedure on how to start online business with my phone bcs I don’t have a system….please bizness that requires no capital .. .for Free pleaseeeeeee

  8. Tobi says:

    Wow this is inspiring, thanks so much Onome. Well, I have been trying to do something too but you know the fear of loss and at times ego too, so please onome how can I be part of your seminars? I have not been lucky to be close to where you have been doing all your seminars, though am based in ibadan but I have been in Anambra and am passing out next month, am even worried of going back home next month and doing nothing. Please how can you be of help? God bless you

  9. Samuel says:

    I am still in school & I have always wanted to be free from been an employee even before I finish my HND. I have always wanted to be my own boss but my finance is not available. Till now I still call my parents for money because I don’t have the facilities to start the business. I use my phone to check my mails and thats why I saw your mail. My phone is the only device I have. My parents are striving so I don’t border to go home to disturb them. Mrs Onome Maureen, my name is Samuel a student of Fed. Poly. Ede, Osun State. If you can help me, I want to start something but I have nothing but God. I love Online Business with PASSION!

  10. Cecily says:

    I will try my best not to miss this Abuja training for October 5th, 2014. I can see that you are enjoying this your trip. I hope you will be at the training on the 5th of October cause am looking forward to seeing you there.

  11. Azike George says:

    Thanks very dearly, I have begin to walk on these prospect. The business ideas are very interesting and i beleive that within some months to come I come on board.
    I pray God to add more ideas to you to help us out here. Enjoy your weekend graciously IJN.

  12. Inibong Ekong says:

    Thank you Onome for bringing this awesome seminar to Abuja finally, i pray and wish it will be of great relieve for me financially, economically and socially.
    I will be there!

  13. Charles-Power says:

    Nice one. Worth to get anyone get started!

  14. Haruna says:

    Hello madam, its been 2yrs plus i av been trying to make extra income online but things re not just working out for me, regarding this oil and gas biz but is ur total assurance for me because i want to raise some money to attend the abuja seminar pn the fifth, hope my money will not be lost because i will go crazy if the biz fail me.
    one thing about this biz is that they will sound so sweet and easy to your hearing but get started there you will discover some technicalities hidding that will frustrate one pls give me your assurance i want to go by your words thank you ma.

  15. Good evening everybody christian ozor from mgbidi, imo state nigeria. Am a boy of 23yr old from a poor family. I don’t know how I came across this post but it seems to be an interested stuff..please i will like to be like you soo poor just help me

  16. F .kayode says:

    This is really inspiring and motivating to many of us actually looking at not getting stuck in the labour market. I will sincerely want to know the procedures for start up and its technicalities. it cant be all rosy initially,so wanna prepare my mind for any eventualities before starting. tanx and looking forward to your response

  17. E. Joseph says:

    Good day to you, Madam Onome Maureen. Pls I need your help so seriously. I came out from a very poor family. But I’ve prayed to God to use me and bring a wonderful change in our family. I need to learn how to make money online & how to start up oil & gas business. The only thing that is still delaying me uptill now is “Lack of money” to learn, to have the required materials & to start. Pls if you can mentor/help me on how to do them, I assure to pay you the money immediately I start making profits from them. You can contact me or SMS me on 08065790083. THANKS

  18. A.Cariba says:

    Please help me. i believe so much in online business, previously i had good interest in it. I tried everything i think i knew then even how to design a website. built and had mine own website.But, i fizzled out when things where not just going the way i expected them.Right now thing that i may have not done the right things.Please help me ,give me direction that will show me the right way and things to do on the internet so as to boost my income.Thanks

  19. Wole says:

    Thank you for all these inspiring ideas you sent to me. I will so much like to be part of this but then, I will love to meet you 1-on-1 for a deep discussion on this before I start, especially the Oil & Gas Business thing. I am so interested in this but I bet, I sure need a strong mentor and that is why I need to see you personally, and very urgently too. Could you please book me on an appointment. God bless you.

  20. Ibrahim says:

    Great inspiration and motivation from NOT ONE SOURCE. Actually not many individuals that recognize a raw gold at the first sight for it takes more than mere two eyes to achieve that and my motivation is that no time is too late.Thanking you sincerely for all your corporation and guidance. Regards

  21. THIS is really inpiring mr.Onome,but i dnt know about fee ! please tell me on how am going to go about this please . Location ,am in calabar .

  22. since the day that I attended the terminal u re organised at Benin on Feb 7 2015, I have been developed interest on oil & gas, but I’m try to get money to start my own. I mean money for registration.

  23. Victor says:

    Very inspiring words I must say. As usual you always have a way of connecting to people and I’m glad that through you I started a business in the oil and gas industry. I look forward to starting an online business soon. May God make you bigger.

  24. Ochai says:

    I have been bathing in the juicy story of this oil and gas from u since last year, ur email are encouraging but uptil now I am yet to know anything about what u always say. Please I need ur help I just finish service and I need what to do. Help me!

  25. Emma says:

    it sounds so good and interesting to attend but my fear is the assurance of making it the way talk about it. Am highly interested though i don’t have such money now but with what poverty has done to man, I wouldn’t mind to borrow money to make sure I will be there. but God will not forgive you for anything if you are one of the I said earlier,I will be their on saturday.see uuuuuuu GOD BLESS YOU

  26. ikolodo linda says:

    hi, your message is very inspiring and i thank you for that. am currently studding abroad. i will be graduating this your, honestly i don’t wish to work for any organisation when i return back to Nigeria. As a student that still depends on her parent, i have managed to save up some money that i could use to start up my own business when am back. that fact is i don’t know what business i should start. do you have any candid business you think i can start. am very good on sales (i talk a lot and can convince people,) i personally will like to do the oil business, but i don’t know how can venture into it. i love your help . pls email me thanks.

  27. Olaiya from Ekiti says:

    I have attended seminar on Online Money Maker Paid #10,000 yet I have no idea of the Job. I need your help.

  28. mary says:

    so inspiring please help on what to do i’ll be so glad to get a reply

  29. Frank says:

    Hello dear Maureen, I am really inspired by your message. I am a Ghanaian living in Accra, Ghana. I really want to start the oil and gas business online. However, I lack resources and skills for this business. Could you help me out? I will be very grateful to hear favourably from you soon.

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