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Part 2 – There is SO Much Money to be Made Online in Nigeria

Welcome to the in the Part 2 of my series titled The Fastest and Easiest Online Business System in Nigeria for Quick Crazy Cash (QCC)! I started Part 1 a few days ago, if you missed it you can quickly access it here before continuing with today’s training where you will discover exactly How to use LEVERAGE to legally Steal your share of the Passive income available in the Online Business right here in Nigeria. 

Firstly, what is Leverage?

Leverage is the assisted advantage produced from using a tool.  Leverage is the ability to achieve a great gain from a lesser investment – whether that investment is time, effort or money. For example, you can more easily lift a heavy object with a lever than you can lift it unaided and infact the term “leverage” is derived from using a simple machine called a lever. See how it works:

If you have read the book titled “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, here are some powerful things he shared about using leverage in business:

Leverage is the reason some people become rich and others do not become rich.” – Rich Dad

The most important word in the world of money is cash flow.


The second most important word is leverage.– Rich Dad

In today’s series, I will be teaching you how to start a passive income online business from scratch using the power of leverage but before I go talk about that, here’s a painful article written some months ago online by

“Recently, Dangote Group announced that it received a staggering 13,000 applications from graduates for employment as truck drivers. Of the 13,000 applications received for the Graduate Executive Truck Driver positions, there were 6 Ph.D, 704 Masters and over 8,460 Bachelor degree holders. 

Chairman of Dangote Group, Aliko Dangote, said that the company only needed 100 drivers, but received the overwhelming application”. 

Our parents told us, “Go to school, study hard, get good grades and get a comfortable job” but from the quality and number of applications for the post of a truck driver, it’s already proven that that theory is wrong.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with being a truck driver at all because the Bible says “there is profit in all labour” but the question I’m asking is “Why do you think graduates, Masters degree and PhD holders want to become drivers?”

Your guess is as good as mine: The Failing Economy

Mind you, the economy is terrible all over the world not only in Nigeria but YOU can do something about the economy of your life. Now, Proverbs 14: 23 AMP says “In all labour there is profit, but idle talk leads only to poverty”. 

So, you have heard that some people make money online, right? What actions (not idle talk) have you taken to create your own passive income online business economy?

*Eyes rolling* Here comes the excuses:

1. It’s a lie, only fraudsters make money online

(but see some proofs of genuine income online here)

2. I have bought so many products online but none ever worked for me

(so have many people who are successful in businesses. They have made several mistakes, failed several times, duped, lost money but they never gave up on their financial dreams but continued trying until they made it)

3. I can’t afford that

(yes, that’s why I’m teaching on how to use Leverage in your online business because you will discover in this series How to Earn While You Learn)

4. I don’t have enough cash to start

(Not having enough cash to start doesn’t have to be an excuse anymore, because even if you have a little bit of cash you can turn that little bit of cash into a lot using the simple technique of leveraging.  If you have a little bit of cash you can turn that little bit of cash into a lot)

5. I can’t do that

(Can’t do what? Online business? If you can read, send an email message, copy, paste and are willing to learn, then you are super-qualified to run a successful online business)

6. I already know that

(So why are you not earning a 6-figure income online, month-by-month? Information Overload, right? Humble yourself and get a mentor to take you by the hand and show you step-by-step)

7. That’s wrong

(So is poverty or NOT having enough 😉 …because you can’t help others if you can’t help yourself or if you can help only yourself. Ever heard this saying? “You shall be a blessing to many! You shall not borrow!”)

8. I tried it once and it didn’t work

(That means you are on the winning path. So did millions of rich people today. Best of all, your success is not far and your success story will be sweet to tell.)

9. That’s impossible – you can’t do that.

(Of course I can! I can show you How to use the power of LEVERAGE to legally Steal the Success of others and Grab your share of the Passive income online Business, right here in Nigeria)

Click here to see some of my credentials in 2011

Click here to see some of my credentials in 2012 in only 29 days

See How others have used Leverage t0 grab their share of such Passive Incomes: 

N10,750 + N8,500 + N24,750 + N76,000 + N31,750 = N151,750

N151,750 PAID out as Leveraged Income

So, how did they do it … ?


Leverage is your key to business success, and my definition for you is … Do the work once and get paid forever …And the exact opposite of that …Do the work once and get paid once.

That’s why most employees will never create wealth in their job. They go to work for 30 days and get paid for only 30 day’s work. Business is a great way to build something once that will pay you and your family for the rest of your life. Problem is, most business owners still think like employees and are trying to maximize their income from today’s work.

In the Part 1 of this series, I introduced you to 3 types of income, here is a 4th one called Leveraged Income; the income derived from the efforts of others. Here you are able to use the time and efforts of others to create an income for yourself, but unfortunately the majority of Nigerians today earn a linear income or active income.

By using leverage you can financially benefit not only from your own efforts, but from other people’s efforts as well.

Here are Real Proofs of Nigerians Like You Leveraging Income from Others:

Case Study #1 – Olugbenga Aijotan

Guy who lives in the UK selling to Nigerians:


N31,750 earned as Leveraged Income in the screenshot above



N24,750 earned as Leveraged Income in the screenshot above

Case Study #2 Toyin Omotosho

One smart guy who knows the stuff!


N76,000 earned as Leveraged Income in the screenshot above

Actual Bank deposits of payments for both Partners

So what Leveraged income business can you do?

The Online Marketing Business!

The Online-based Business is the easiest leveraged income business to start and there are different models. I won’t go into the sweet advantages of going into it because someone has already done for me here but…

There are different online business models such as Web hosting, Information Marketing, Affiliate marketing, Fiverr, Outsourcer, eCommerce, PLR writers, Football betting, Blogging, Virtual assistants etc

But I’m going to major on the Fastest and Easiest Online Business model with the Highest Leverage, called The Affiliate Marketing Business

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing Business is a business that involves a partnership between a vendor and an affiliate (you) in which the vendor pays the affiliate a commission for referring someone else to purchase the vendors product or service through the affiliate’s tracking link.

I like affiliate marketing because it’s a straight-forward business model. It doesn’t cost much to get started. Plus the affiliate marketing business has been revolutionized in such a way that 90% of everything you need to Start and Run it is Already-Done-For-You.

Want to know more?


I have already written a detailed training on what it is with Proofs of how other Nigerians are making from N50,000 – N203,700 online leveraging the work of others in Affiliate Marketing. Click here to see it.

In Part 1 of this series, I said my number 2 reason for going into the online business scene is because of the huge potentials of passive income available for anyone who does it. Now, here’s the number 1 reason why I went into it: To help fellow Nigerians also earn a 6-figure income from the online business!

One way, we have “already” achieved this is through Affiliate marketing and Leverage but we want to reach out to more people.

Let’s assume that you are excited about the affiliate marketing business and want to go into it, what is the very first and critical thing you have to do before you go into it?

NICHE Selection!

You have to choose a niche market first, not any niche but a niche filled with desperate buyers. If you want to make BIG money in the affiliate business, all you need to know is how to find the Right audience and Recommend a product to them to buy – at the Right Time!

I’m talking about a niche market with desperate people. Desperate people – people with throbbing problems, pressing issues, and insane drives – buy on impulse. Desperate people buy on impulse because they’re in an emotionally charged state-of-mind or state-of-being and they want to get out of it.

That is exactly what I’m going to cover in my next training on this series where I’ll reveal the actual techniques for finding the most profitable niches in the online business.

See you in the Part 3 of this series titled The Fastest and Easiest Online Business System in Nigeria for Quick Crazy Cash (QCC)!

Be Bold. Take Action!

Onome “leverage affiliate marketing” Maureen


P.S. In my next series “Part 3” on Monday I will uncover the Top 4 Niche Markets in the world and why these massive niches can never ever be saturated until the end of time.

P.S.S. How our company has PAID out to other Nigerians in the Affiliate marketing business Over N1 Million Naira since inception and Steps You Can Take To Be A Part Of That and MORE.



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