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2012 Cheap Brand New 14 Laptops Testimony by Nnamdi

Wow! My o My! I love hearing testimonies like this from “DOERS” aka the Action-TAKERS and NOT lookers. I don’t know which category you belong to but no matter what you’ve got to take a risk sometimes and be a DOER. Why? Because of this exciting testimony I … Continue reading

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My Brand New Laptop on My dinning Table

Hello, It’s with great joy I announce to you that you can now see ACTUAL pictures of my Brand New mini Laptop and Android device I bought at N14,000+ Check them out:

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Hurray! My Laptop has been Shipped to Me

Hurray!!! My Brand New N14,000+ Laptop has been SHIPPED to my address in Lagos Nigeria! Guess what!

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Proofs of my N14,000+ Laptop ORDER

Hi, In case your name has suddenly turned to Mr. or Mrs. Thomas of the doubting Thomases fame wondering if this brand new laptop information and research I have been doing the last 13 days is really true. No need! … Continue reading

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Sample Pictures of N14,000+ Laptops

The Amazing N14,000+ Laptop BREAKTHROUGH Picture Manual – Coming Soon on Tuesday, March 29th. If you ever had doubts about what the N14,000+ laptops from the secret website look like, no need to worry. Here are full colored pictures of … Continue reading

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N14,000+ Brand New Laptop Update #3

You are welcome to this special Questions and Answers series  of How to Easily Get The SAME Brand New Laptops Selling at Computer Village from N50,000 – N180,000 for just N14,000 – N52,000. To start with, my name is Onome … Continue reading

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N14,000+ Brand New Laptop Update #2

Wow! When I first shared this info about getting brand new mini laptops for N14,000 – N50,000 with my subscribers I got so many responses in my email and so many phone calls from people who wanted me to go … Continue reading

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Should I buy this N14,000 brand new laptop?

Hello everyone, I just stumbled on some hot information on how to get a brand new mini-laptops from between N14,000 – N25,000. Boy! Was I impressed. And NO, you do not have to refer anybody or wait for your turn … Continue reading

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