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Starting February 1st - February 29th 2012

Total = N77,651


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Total = N39,951

(I withdrew N70,000 for some enjoyment)




Total as at February 9th = N91,451


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Total as at February 10th = N121,026


 Because of space I won't post all earnings in February ALONE

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Total as at February 17th = N378,726

 Because of space I won't post all earnings in February ALONE

Need Proof? Click here to view Statements of Over N600,000 Incomes
(Page will open in a new window)

Total as at February 29th = N530,831

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The page is so long with credit alerts that posting on this page will interfere with the information here

I encourage you to please check out the account statements above, and you will answer the question of whether I actually make money online or not. The truth is I have been making 6 figure income online consistently every month for the past 4 years or so.

Gross Total Income 
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Made Blogging Online

POTENTIAL Monthly Income Using This System = N800,000 to N1Million!
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It does NOT matter if....

You don't have your own product...
You don't have your own website...
You don't have any name recognition...
You don't have any joint venture partners...
You don't have a niche...
You don't have a mailing list
You don’t have extra money to spend on making this work…

And even if you are an absolute beginner, you can succeed with this incredibly profitable blogging formula. 

Take it from me, someone with no prior experience, list, product, or website of my own.

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I began applying the strategies and techniques and the results were almost immediate.

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In the past (even currently) creating reliable income on the Internet has been a truly difficult task to pull off.

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For Instance, most times my regular pay days are in the brackets of N40k to N66k daily. Below is a 2 days screenshots of those incomes in the month of April as far back as 2011.


N66,400 April 1st, 2011 (in a SINGLE Day)


Income Proofs of over N250,000 Per Month as

As Far Back As 2011


Need Proof? Click here to view Statements of Over N250,000 Per Month Income
(Page will open in a new window)

Posting credit alerts on this page will interfere with the information here, so click here

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Find piping hot niche markets that are begging to give you cash

How to do keyword research easily with Google's Keyword Tool to find the most profitable keywords for your niche
The pros and cons of Blogger.com blogs vs. self-hosted Wordpress blogs. Which one is better and why
How to get a domain name and hosting and set everything up quickly
How to install Wordpress easily and how to optimize your blog for the search engines
The secrets to producing great quality content that will turn your readers into loyal customers
The best ways to monetize your blogs using range of income streams
How to build a list of targeted buyers from your blog that you can sell to in the future
8 different ways to drive massive amounts of traffic to your site for free!

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Techie Free Implementation.  There are tons of courses and eBooks out there that do nothing but confuse the heck out of you and make it seem difficult to create blogs for profit.  This course is so easy to follow that someone completely new to the Internet could do it, even a high school student!

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Okay Sounds Good!.. Give Me A Run Down
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Here is what you'll learn from this guide in detail....

Part 1 - Choosing a Topic

 - Niche Research
 - Keyword Research

Part 2 - Setting Up Your Blog

 - Remote Hosted vs. Self-Hosted Blogs
 - Getting a Domain Name and Hosting
 - Installing Wordpress
 - Optimizing Wordpress

Part 3 - Creating Great Content

 - Content Writing Tips
 - Using Private Label Rights Content
 - Autoblogging
 - Adding Video to Your Blog

Part 4 - Monetizing Your Blog

 - Adsense
 - Affiliate Links
 - Your Own Products
 - List Building

Part 5 - Traffic Generation Strategies

 - Blog Commenting
 - Submitting To Directories
 - Submitting RSS Feeds and Pinging
 - Social Bookmarking
 - Article Marketing
 - Video Marketing
 - Web 2.0 Sites
 - Social Media Sites


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