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Onome Maureen’s baby boy miracle – Come celebrate with me!

Wow! REJOICE WITH ME!!! And claim your Secret Celebration Gift from me which would help you make an extra N500,000 monthly below 😉 

Its’s been a while I posted on this blog, partly because I have over 15 websites and I use them for different purposes and I’ve been missing in action for over 6 months online.

And it’s for a MIRACULOUS and GOOD reason. You see my husband and I been expecting the fruit of the womb for the last 7 long years. We have done several tests, seen seeveeral doctors but said everything was fine, still NO baby 🙁 We have even began making plans for an expensive IVF which would cost us over N5 million at Abuja and all of a sudden God granted us a miracle bouncy baby boy without costing us a dime.

The last 9 months of his pregnancy required for me not to sit down for long so I just abandoned sending emails to my valued subscribers, travelled to my parents house for a long 9 months and of course…. was being taken care of by my parents and hubby. Jesus made it possible where the doctors could not explain the “unexplained infertility” as I already have a daughter who is 8 years old. Here’s a short 3 mins video of the actually delivery process in the operation room… No! Its not grahic… Watch and keep reading to see how to claim my Miracle Baby Boy Celebration FREE Gift where you’d discover How to earn an extra N500,000 on autopilot so easy a 12 year old can do it. But first, click on the Play Button

Onome Maureen’s Baby Birth Story & Testimony and Gift

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(Part 1) 3-Step Secret Formula To Making Your first $1,000 Online in Nigeria

Just testing

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The Number ONE thing to do in 2015 to TRIPLE Your Income!

If you’re above 20 years old, YOU OLD ENOUGH to be responsible for your income. So this message is for you if you want to triple your income in 2015 starting from January, 2015.

By triple your income, I mean if you currently make N30,000 per month, tripling your income from January will be:

If you make N30,000 per month, N30,000 X 3 = You make N90,000

If you make N50,000 per month, N50,000 X 3 = You make N150,000

If you make N100,000 per month, N100,000 X 3 = N300,000

If you make N500,000 per month, N500,000 X 3 = N1.5million

If you make N1million per month, N1million X 3 = N3million

“Wow! Madam Onome, is that really possible?”

Well, you better believe it because it’s a simple strategy.

It doesn’t matter whether you own your own business, you work a job or about to start a business in 2015.

Its proven that YOU can triple your income next year.

You only need to MASTER One simple thing which is how to ATTRACT Customers and SELL to them.

It doesn’t matter who you are and what you do, if you want to make an impressive income you MUST master SALES.

We were all born into sales. Infact YOU sell everyday.

When you apply for a job or go for an interview, you are selling.

When you apply to travel abroad, you are selling.

If you’re a wife and get money from your husband for some things at home, you are selling.

As little as your children are, when they want a new toy or money for Xmas, they are selling.

How important the skills of selling is in today’s world. Stop, think for a moment, if you can master the skills of attracting and selling, you will NEVER be Broke.

You can command your income at will anytime, any month, every day.

You may have heard or read about the alarming 80% rate of small businesses that FAIL in their first 18 months. It gets even worse, now 90% of all internet & info-marketing businesses fail in their first 6 months.

I thought to myself, “but why?” This is a formulaic business that anyone can do successfully.

If you’ve got access to a good product or service, the ONE thing you must master then is SALES.

This is not something taught in our schools, yet it’s the most important skill to make money…for which 99% of us went to school for.

My next thought was… “What can we learn from the businesses that have crashed and burned?”

If you are a doctor, lawyer, financial advisor, coach, consultant, restaurant owner or entrepreneur of ANY KIND, your financial success in 2015 hinges on two factors:

1) Your ability to attract quality prospects. (That’s marketing.) 

2) Your ability to turn those prospects into customers, clients and patients. (That’s SELLING.)

Some people say, I don’t like anything marketing…

I don’t like sales…

I don’t like to chase after people…

Boy! Your poverty will come like a thief in the night o!

Just 7 months ago (June 2014), I bought a course online that taught me various WILDLY successful techniques on how to use the same facebook that people use to chat, play, share pictures to ATTRACT and SELL to customers.

The course cost me a whooping $997.

It’s called TRAFFIC GENESIS by two legendary marketers (Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime) who make 8 figures in dollars.












In June 2014, that $997 cost me N166,449 

But believe you me, the following month, I used some of the strategies in there to attract N10.7 Million Naira in seminar seats in the following 6 months.

Is that fair enough?

Using N167,000 to hit N10.7 Million.

Someone reading this will say….HIAAAAAAA!!!

How possible is that?


It’s the same skill I’m sharing with you now so keep reading.

Now it will be 2015 in another 10 days, what are you plans to triple your income?

Will 2015 be the same as 2014 with respect to your finances?

Even if you made N1 Million naira per month in 2014, if you tripled it to N3million per month in 2015, would your bank account break?

Because the cold hard truth is, unless you know how to attract and close sales, you will ALWAYS struggle in life. 

In fact, RIGHT NOW you are LOSING MONEY because you or your team are not attracting enough customers.


You are EARNING PEANUTS at your job because you or your team are not attracting enough customers.

Here’s another sobering thought: Because your marketing skills are NOT where they should be, a good portion of the hard earned money you spend on marketing is being WASTED.

MORE BAD NEWS: Even if you’re smart enough to go buy some books to improve your sales skills, odds are what you’ll learn is outdated, outmoded and DOES NOT WORK with today’s sophisticated customer, client, and patient.  In fact, using these old-fashioned closing techniques is HURTING you and costing you money.

So what’s the solution?                                

How can 2015 be your Best INCOME year ever?

I would have loved to share the Traffic Genesis N167,000 course with you, but its illegal to do so.

Not only that, before you can get the main idea in the over 50 Videos and reports in the traffic genesis course, you need at least 3 months before you can master it.

Till today, I haven’t finished the course…I just used some strategies to get the N10.7 million Naira income.

But right now you have the opportunity to discover the SAME Customer-getting Skill using just FACEBOOK and a very small budget to triple your income in 2015.All you need do is hook up to the BEST Facebook course in Nigeria on attracting and selling to customers by a smart Nigerian marketer.

The cool thing about this…actually the FOUR coolest things about this course are:

    1. You can start using it SAME day to attract your first customer to ANY business you do

    2. You will be getting a cool Christmas discount at a low N6,500 tomorrow till Dec. 31st

    3. You only need a small budge to attract these customers, just $5 (about N925) 

    4. I’m preparing something special to give to the first 50 People who order THIS WEEK (from Tuesday, Dec. 22nd to Friday, Dec. 26th)


Watch for it all tomorrow. With just N6,500 you WILL triple your income in 2015.

And oh, by the way for those doubting Thomases who think I exaggerated about using a similar course to attract customers who brought in a N10.7 million Naira income in only 6 months…

Tomorrow, I’d show you LIVE proofs.

If I have the time, I’d even shoot you a VIDEO on it.

So watch out for my email tomorrow titled “How to use N167,000 to bank N10.7million in six months”


Merry Christmas and to a TRIPLE Your Income in 2015 New Year!

Onome Maureen




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Why Everyone Above 20 years Absolutely Should Start a Business

I strongly believe everyone above the age of 20 should start a business, at least an Online Business!  Most people reading this at first are at least a little curious (and sometimes skeptical) about the idea of starting an online business. But it’s not quite as mysterious as it sounds. Firstly, what is an online business?

An online business is simply a business done with the “advantage” of the internet.

Nowadays, at least the last 5 years in Nigeria you will find that businesses which used to be purely offline, now have seen the light about using the internet to make MORE money.

I’m talking about companies like Coca cola, Closeup, Guiness, Samsung, Nollywood, Dangote, Events makers etc.

Nowadays, you can buy or pay for almost anything online. From clothes, shoes, food, electronics, phones, laptops, land, holidays, school fees etc.

What do all these this tell you?

Any business can DOUBLE its profit using the internet and starting a business because…

1. It’s very, very cheap for businesses to reach hundreds of thousands & even millions of customers on the internet

2. It’s quite affordable to launch or start a business using the internet than a brick & mortar business

3. It’s faster and easier to succeed and make a 7 figure income with YOUR own business, than it is working for someone else

4. There are NOT enough jobs available that pay a 6 figure income

5. Majority of the jobs available are paying peanuts

I have many friends way back from my university days who don’t make enough money to save for an emergency. If ever they get in a car accident or run into some kind of financial crisis, their lives will be very difficult.

My bosom friend’s younger sister graduated from the university six years ago and up till this moment is still having trouble entering the crowded job market which is currently downsizing. She feels stuck, like there’s no place to go.

My husband and I know a couple that’s adopting a child from Uganda (which can be expensive), and they’re exploring ways of making a side income. The trouble is they’re not sure where to start.

And of course, I have a ton of people who are working a day job, while waiting to move to a better job  — some day. In the meantime, they’re growing frustrated.

What are these people supposed to do? One strategy would be to stop waiting for opportunity to come and instead to take it. They can start a business – an online business or part online, part offline business!

One of such businesses would be the Oil & Gas business, like the one here!

There are literally thousands of business ideas floating around you.

Some are brand new ideas, while others have been successfully implemented by hundreds or thousands of people. Many of these ideas are simple, straightforward, and inexpensive to start, while others are a bit more complex.

What’s my point?

My point is that there is almost no reason for you to not have your own business. Don’t think about the worst aspects of a business like registering a company name, employing people, or any other issues that you normally think about in order “talk yourself OUT of” having your own business.

It’s a lot easier than you might think. Start small and simple, using your own sweat labor to execute the idea. Then, success and your entrepreneurial spirit may eventually take over and lead you to heights you may have never imagined.

But you will never encounter such success if you never take a bold step to start, despite some failures in the past.

There are several benefits to starting your own business, and I recommend that everyone try it at least once. You will never know if it is for you until you experience it for yourself. Still not persuaded?

Here are six awesome benefits to starting your own business:

1. You Make Extra Income

If you are to ask nearly any business owner why they started their endeavor, one of the reasons will always be “for the money.” Who doesn’t like some more cash, even if it is supplemental? While profitability is not a guarantee, you can easily start a business with low risk such as the Oil & Gas business in order to avoid a huge loss.

Who doesn’t love the idea of starting a side business for extra cash in their pocket?


2. You Build a Strong Network

If you think that owning your own business will completely make you a lone ranger or laughing stock, you are seriously mistaken. Growing up, my Dad owned a business. He depended on himself greatly, but was also reliant on customers, distributors, a bookkeeper, and most importantly, his customers.

The people you meet and work with throughout your business dealings will eventually become a strong part of not only your business network, but also your personal network. Friendship and business relationships often go hand in hand, and you will be able to learn from and grow with them.

For example, until I started my Oil & Gas business with Joke Enaks did we become real friends. I’ve known him for a few years, though not closely before that.

Networking is one of the most important aspects of both personal and professional growth, so why not try to open up your own network even more with your own business?


 3. You Learn New Skills

When I first started my online business, I knew NOTHING.

But now, I know how to design a website, how to sell products using facebook, how to motivate people using words, how to write articles, how to use the internet to research almost any topic etc.

The more you work to build your business, the more you will learn how little you actually know. As your business expands, you will learn time management, discipline, bookkeeping, new types of problem solving, marketing, and a tons of other skills.

You will learn plenty about yourself and what you can handle throughout the life of your business. The lessons are invaluable and 100% unique to starting your own business.


4. You Become Permanently Self-Employment

If you do decide to start small, there is no reason not to have the goal of becoming your own boss.

Of course, making the move from a part time business to a full time career is never easy, but can be extremely rewarding.

Let’s assume that right now, you’re looking for an extra income by starting your own business. This means you are looking for supplementary income. What if this income suddenly replaces your income (replaceable income) and in a few months becomes a Life-Changing Income! 

Now the question you maybe asking right now is, “Onome, where can I find such a business that can give me a life-changing income”

To answer, its been under your nose for sometime.

Infact, with this business idea, your current ANNUAL income can BECOME your Monthly income.

The business is no other than the Oil and Gas business!

Click here to see How young guys and ladies are making a 6-figure income and even 7-figure income (N2 million Naira per month) from the Oil & Gas business in Nigeria.

Your business and income will NOT explode on its own, but the work you put into making your business YOUR career is more than worth it if you can reach that point.

There are also many benefits to being self-employed such as setting your own hours, privacy, no commuting long hours, self-employed tax benefits happiness, flexibility etc are just a few of the many perks you will enjoy by making your successful business a career.


 5. You Get To Live a Little

For many going for a holiday, driving the car they love, donating to worthy causes, helping others, living in the houses and neighborhood they love is an impossible dream.

Some can’t even dream it.

But do you know that starting your own business can get you to live the life you deserve to live. It’s time to stop envying others, stop stealing, stop raining curses on successful people and START your own business.

I know several young people right here in Lagos, Ibadan, Benin, Akure, Warri, Kaduna, Ilorin and many other cities in their twenties, thirties who are living the life some people in their 50’s only dream about.

For example, I’m writing this article from Dubai (I’m on a 4-week vacation).

Sure, some jobs can give you a once a year vacation for 2 weeks at best.

How many will sponsor it abroad?

When I return I’d be getting myself a clean Limited Edition, Full-option, 2007 Toyota SUV to play with.

I went on this trip with my tightest friend, another Successful Internet business and Travel consultant, Efe Imiren to Dubai. The famous 34 year old female (Linda Ikeji) just bought herself her dream car for N24 million Naira.

Now, are we politicians? Do we have 2 heads? Do we have god-fathers?

Nope! We are just brave young ladies who took the bull by the horns, started a business and stuck to it NO matter the challenges that come up.

It’s your TURN.

Start a part-time business TODAY!

There will never be a perfect time with all fingers being perfectly aligned.


6. You Become an Investor

For many, they started a business to make money, to LIVE a little.

Now, after you have done that, the next thing starting your business can do for you is: Make you an Investor!

You can now begin to invest in things and people for Automatic, Life-changing Income that keeps on producing and working for you for years and years and years to come.

I’m talking about real estate investments, high-level investments, dream investments, people investments etc.

I’d stop here today, but I hope you’ve been inspired to start your business or continue in your business.

Have you ever tried to start a business? Did it work out? Did you gain some neat experiences? Are you afraid of the risk involved in potentially starting a business that fails? I’d love to hear your comments on the topic.


Talk to you in the comments section below.

To you, the next Oil & Gas business baron!

Onome “currently chilling in Dubai” Maureen

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I was right. Onome Maureen’s Dubai Oil income N703,000 was PAID.

Some days ago I sent you an email stylishly complaining about the shopping expenses I’ve incurred on my Dubai trip.

(O! If you have been calling my phone, its currently off due to my 4-week Dubai vacation. Would be back last week of this month)

While feeling the pinch of my shopping spree, I then remembered my Brand new Oil & Gas business I started 3 months ago & the profits I would be making…

Well, I was right!

I can really go ahead and enjoy “shopppping” because “maga don pay” as some people would call it.


Last week, September 8th I was paid a whooping N731,099 in 4 checks from the same Oil & Gas business I introduced to you awhile ago.

This is just not talking, here’s the first check of N403,000 I received on the 8th of this month (September 2014) here


Not just me making it BIG…
In August, we started the maiden edition of our Oil & Gas business seminars and I’m happy to announce that…

Not only is Joke Enaks making it BIG in the Oil & Gas Business but…

Madam Joy, sent me an email some days ago testifying how she made N130,000 last week from her Oil & Gas business!
Last week another brand new partner sent me an email that he made N351,776 from the same business this month of September.

His name is Yusuf.

He is another live-breathing testimony and he started his Oil & Gas business about a month ago.

Click here to meet Joke Enaks to reveal in a ONE-Day Oil & Gas business seminar exactly how you can get started with your Oil & Gas business with little start up capital  at Lagos, Warri, Asaba, Benin, Abuja, Enugu! 

I will show you the email Yusuf sent me later on by Thursday on the N351,776 he made from his Oil & Gas business within 30 days, so you know that other people just like you are indeed making it BIG from the same Oil & Gas business Joke & I introduced to you and that THE business REALLY works.
The most AMAZING thing about the business is, I just heard that the American Oil & Gas company is going to pay me another N300,000+ this week as a…

Thank You BONUS from the company.
Making it my First N1 million Naira from the Oil & Gas business in 30 days!

Last month I made N808,000+
O! By the way, Dubai is the MOST BEAUTIFUL city I’ve ever been to in the world.

I will be back again in December, God willing because Mehn!!!!!
The city is…

How would I describe it…

If you want to enjoy luxury? Then get to Dubai Mehnnn!…because…

Dubai is simply breath-taking. 

Here are some pictures I took at Dubai…

From pictures with the pilot, to the boat cruise…to Ferrari world ride…to…my hotel room etc.

I think I put on weight at Dubai sef…Everyday buffet…breakfast buffet, Lunch buffet, Dinner buffet…




Onome Maureen at the Desert at Dubai with Camels


Onome Maureen at her 5-star Hotel room at Dubai

I have a confession. My N800,000+Dubai trip was an all-expense paid trip by two streams of income businesses I do, NOT a job such as:

(1) The Internet business here!

(2) The Oil & Gas business here!


Hope you like the pics. Boy!

Gym here I come…lols

Have a blessed day!
Onome Maureen

P.S. On Thursday, you will seeing the LIVE email testimonies from madam Joy, Yusuf and many others who have made between N20,000 – N300,000 within their first 60 days of starting their Oil & Gas business…

Watch out!


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[PROOF] How Nigerian Internet Millionaires Create Their Money Luck Online

Today May 20th, 2014 was a “Be a Millionaire Day” observed and celebrated worldwide. It’s a day for everyone to imagine and dream big about what life would be like as a millionaire. I’m talking about consistently seeing a 7-Figure amount in your bank account.

If you are not yet a millionaire, you may at some point have looked at a really wealthy person and wondered, “How did he or she get so lucky?” In the Part 1 of this article, I revealed that people were not born lucky and there are specific things anybody, anywhere can do to create his or her own “money-luck”.

I continue with the Part 2 of the 10 reasons I’ve observed Why Some People Have Better “Money Luck” Making Money Online and How You Can CREATE Your Own LUCK with my own childhood story:

As a kid, the word “millionaire” was not even Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why Some People Have Better “Money Luck” Making Money Online in Nigeria

If you are not yet making money online in Nigeria in terms of the 7 digits figure or you are not yet a millionaire, you may at some point have looked at a really wealthy person and wondered, “He is so lucky. He has money, a successful internet business, independence. Everything she does seems to turn into gold, she’s in a great relationship, how did he or she get so lucky?” 

I know I have. Millions of people have done this too.

And I thought this way especially when I wasn’t yet an Internet Millionaire. The thing is once you begin asking and thinking this way, you would many times see yourself coming to depressing conclusions why you weren’t as successful as “that guy” such as: “I’m not really lucky because I wasn’t born with good looks or into the right family… 

… I’m not lucky enough to have the right education or lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time” 

But as you read through this article you will see that there is another factor,  NOT only luck alone that played a role in transforming young guys and ladies into internet millionaires and how you too can come into that special “luck”. 

As I became more successful in using the internet to make money online in Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Onome Maureen + Why I’m so Thankful

It’s my birthday today and I’m so Happy and Thankful…

First of all, I’m thankful to God for bringing me into this world at a time like this…to change my world. I’m so grateful to God for the day I met Jesus.

Thirdly, I’m thankful and grateful for all my partners and subscribers who read my newsletters.

I’m also thankful for all my Birthday May buddies who were born in this same month of May. Happy Birthday! May this brand new year of your life be filled with wonder and success!

On your special day I wish you to fly on the plane of ambition and land on the airport of success! Happy Birthday! May you feel on the top of the world on your special day and all year through! I appreciate you!

It’s still my Birthday…yes?

I’m planning to give out some gifts to my readers in the next few days but I’m still thinking about what kind of gift that would be relevant to you and what you do…

So, while writing your special birthday wishes below, please tell me your idea of a cool birthday gift from me to you relevant  to you which is related to making money from home using the internet…

Have a beautiful week ahead.

Onome Maureen

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Recap of Onome Maureen’s 3-Day Internet Business Money Making Bootcamp!

The 3-Day Internet and Information Money-Making Bootcamp took place during the 2014 Easter Holiday at Ikeja, Lagos and it was wildly successful.  It held for 3 SOLID days where I shared and revealed the SECRETS of building a N1 Million Naira Per Month Internet Based Business with simple information products.

The Bootcamp was limited to 30 people and was completely Sold-Out but we had to squeeze in 5 more people who pleaded to attend. I restricted it to 30-people because I wanted a hands-on, practical session with a personal touch with each participant.

And that’s what we had.

It was an unconventional beginning to an unconventional event with SIX sessions with each session being 2 hours 30 minutes for a total of 15 hours of action-packed, money-making LIVE practical training.

It was attended by over 34 smart Nigerians from all over the country. Participants came all the way from Yola, Abuja , Port Harcourt, Awka, Benin city, Lekki, Ikorodu, Ibadan etc who are now on their way to banking a 6-figure income within their first 90 days of starting their online business working from the comforts of home!

Here are some of the highlights of the day:

Okay, here’s a picture of me (Onome Maureen – One of the most Intelligent Smart Online Business Female coaches in Nigeria)

Onome Maureen LIVE at a 3-Day Internet Business Make Money Seminar

One thing participants kept mentioning over and over and over again about the 3-day event was the LIVE PRACTICAL aspect of the bootcamp. I made sure to dish out the strategies and steps anybody, anywhere can start from the scratch using a start up capital of N50,000 to bank his or her First N150,000 online.

As you can see, here’s a picture of me solving a participants internet business software installation problem, as other participants “themselves” began to install the softwares that will help them work once a week, automate their online business so they enjoy the rest of the week while the money keeps flowing to their bank accounts like hurricane Katrina…

Did you notice the Camera man in the picture above?

Well, due to popular request from people who desired to attend the IM Bootcmap but couldn’t due to their Easter engagements, I had to get the services of the camera team owned by Success Digest Extra newspaper (SADC) to video the entire event!

At the moment, we have over 25 people who already ordered for the DVD Videos, who in addition are getting the DVD Video recording of the 2013 Edition of the same seminar as a BONUS. I call it The Internet Business LIVE 3-Day Home Study Course. 

It contains the Video recording of EVERYTHING (the secrets, tips, techniques and systems) I shared on “How to Build a N1 Million Naira Per Month Internet Based Business with simple information products from the scratch starting with N50,000 seed capital”

“Did you just say with N50,000 capital?” I can hear someone ask. Yes!

I show you exactly what to do, the strategies I personally took scale up my internet income from N50,000 seed capital to profits of N100,000 monthly, to N150,000 per month to N250,000 per month, to N550,000 per month until you build it to N1 Million Naira per month.

Making at least N500,000 per month is NOT accidental or luck. There are definite steps you need to take and I revealed all at the 3-day seminar and in the Video DVDs.

The LIVE seminar was mind-blowing to say the least.

I’m not having another Internet marketing money-making seminar this year and I’m not sure of having another one next year. So I suggest that you grab a copy of the 2014 and 2013 Home Study Course immediately. If interested, simply send me an SMS with “Your Name + HomeStudy-IM-DVDs + email + location + your GSM number” to me directly on 08039307316. 

And I will furnish you with the details on how to grab yours at a cool discount.

The Home Study IM DVD Videos is FOR YOU if you are TIRED of being told how to make your business work online but NOT being SHOWN how to make it work, worst still especially if you’re being told by “Wannabe Gurus”.

It is also FOR YOU if you are an Internet newbie but very, very serious about building a profitable business online. This is a golden opportunity to be provided with a true shortcut and roadmap from someone who actually walks the talk.

Let’s continue with the highlights…

Then it was time for a delicious lunch from Prestigious meals – a selection of hot Ofada rice, Ofada assorted beef stew, Fried plantain, Jollof rice, Fried rice, cake and chilled water.  Each lunch break was a nice combination of tasty food and networking.

In one of the money-making sessions at the Bootcamp, attendees were grouped together to brainstorm on how to build a N250,000 information products business from the scratch using the internet. And the picture above is one of such groups.

You can see that these young men and women are serious about seizing their financial future. What about you?

I won’t dwell much anymore on the LIVE Practical, hands-on training attendees had for those 3 life-changing days, I’d just let the picture showing attendees working on their laptops do the talking…

Of course, every tiny detail (practicals, discussions, teaching, group work etc) of the bootcamp were captured on Video, including the questions asked by the attendees so its having you’re the Home Study Video course of the event is just like you were physically present at the 3-day event.

Plus you didn’t have to travel from your city or spend extra in hotel bills when you grab a copy. Find below the group photo of Set 1 and Set 2 attendees:

Set 1 Photograph with Onome Maureen


 Set 2 Photograph with Onome Maureen

And guess what!

Attending the seminar came with a Money Back Guarantee that stated “Attend my Internet and Information Online Business Workshop and if you are not 150% satisfied with what I’m teaching you…If you don’t believe you can get 10, 20 even 50 times your investment back (or more) in almost effortless earnings… If the information is not dead-simple and… If you don’t think this is the BIGGEST bargain in money making…

Just let me know at the end of Day 1 and I will refund the money you paid and offer my unreserved apology for wasting your time. Not only that, I will ask you to KEEP the Bonuses for wasting your time.”

NO ONE requested to have their monies back, instead attendees were busy thanking me and wishing they had met me 5 years ago, 3 years ago when they started their online business ventures.

This event wouldn’t have been this wildly successful without the help and assistance of my dearest friend, partner and my no. 1 fan – my husband (who was physically present all though the 3 days), I say a big “thank you”.

My special thanks goes to Dele, Ejiro, Ope, Titi and Ridwan for your wonderful help and fun environment.

It’s been a Super 2014 Edition of The “Information and Internet Marketing LIVE Money-Making 3- Day Bootcamp” –  A Comprehensive 3 Days Event Like No Other!

Don’t wait and kick yourself for missing this One-Time, Once-A-Year Event. You can access the Home Study Course DVD Videos of the event or book a 4-Day One-on-One coaching with me at N180,000 with your accommodation taken care of.

To grab your copy of The Home Study Course DVDs of the Information and Internet Marketing Business Money-Making Bootcamp again, simply send me an SMS with “Your Name + HomeStudy-IM-DVDs + email + location + your GSM number” to me directly on 08039307316.

And I will furnish you with the details on how to grab yours at a cool discount.

Thanks for reading but before I go, kindly share your thoughts on the recap of the IM bootcamp event….and ask your questions if you have by using the comments box below.

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How to Create a Powerful Profit Online Business Plan for 2014

Today being 31st, December 2013 with the New Year (2014) just a few hours away, it’s time to reflect on 2013 and use these 7 lessons I’m sharing with you in today’s article.

In order to make 2014 way better and far profitable than it was in 2013, I’ve some questions you need to ask yourself and WRITE down the answers. Come on now, take a pen and a sheet of paper and answer these right away:

1.  Did you come ANYWHERE close to hitting your goals in 2013?

I guess you wrote New Year resolutions for 2013 or at least there was something, some goals you were looking forward to hitting in 2013. Did you reach your goals?

If you DID, congratulations.

How can you BUILD on those things in 2014?

If you DIDN’T, how did you get off track?

What can keep you ON track?

Write down your answers

2. How much PLANNING did you put into 2013? 

Did you REALLY plan it out?  Or did you go into it with a hastily done, vague idea of what you wanted to accomplish?  Then feel disappointed at the end of the year when that didn’t magically materialize?

3.  What WORKED in your finances in 2013? 

What things did you do in 2013 that got at least SOME income results?  Maybe a LOT of results? You should focus on WORKING, GROWING and EXPANDING on those things in 2014. Write them down.

4.  How did you just flat out WASTE time in 2013? 

Why were those things a bust? Now, the answer you give here should be considered.

For example, if someone told me, “I wasted money buying such and such a product,” my answer would be, “You wasted time trying to use such product in a certain WAY without adequate information”.

Buying a product that would bring you money is an asset, not a waste when done RIGHT.

5.  Did you PLAN your work and WORK your plan?

Or did you chase bright and shiny objects? It’s time for a bit of self-honesty. Did you have a plan to increase your income and work it?  Or did you just chase whatever sounded good or convincing in your email?

6.  Did you build your list or have a product to sell online?

If you didn’t, why not? If you did build a list, did you try EVERY MONTH? If you did, how profitable was it?  Did you put the RIGHT PEOPLE on your list (that is, buyers….)?  Or did you fill your list with non-buyers who only wanted a freebie and didn’t see real value in your offers?

Did you have a product to sell online or someone’s product (with permission – affiliate products)?

How many products did you sell? You DON’T make money without selling a product or a service.

7. What money skills did you acquire in 2013?

(a) Did you learn how to design a website, write a sales letter, build a list, write a book and turn it into an ebook, use facebook to expand your business etc?

The more money skills you have and USE, the more money you will make.

If you didn’t, what steps do you need to take to DO these? What new money skills do you want to acquire in 2014? By the time you are done answering these questions, you will have an outline of a profitable plan to make more money in the New Year than you did in 2013.

(b) Did you have a mentor, someone who is doing better in your dream income desire whom you can run to at anytime to ask questions?

By run to, I don’t mean visit the person’s house or office but at least a way to reach the mentor with intelligent questions that would make you better make money?

If no, what steps would you take in 2014 to develop such a relationship with a mentor?

Here are some FACTS about me (which you should copy):

Fact is…

– I grow and build my business ALL THE TIME
– I’m serious and committed to it…even through the hard work and tough times
– I don’t complain and give excuses
– I don’t look for the overnight “magic pill” or “make a million overnight” stuff.
– I would keep buying products in 2014 that would develop my skills in order for me to build and keep expanding my solid internet business empire.

Most importantly, I know that I’m the ONLY one responsible, for either success or failure.

How about you?

When I hear complains and excuses from people, sometimes I want to shout…HEY!

“No one is responsible for your own success but yourself, stop looking for people to blame.”

That you tried and failed, or you were scammed online is NOT the end of the world and NOT enough to make you develop a negative mentality towards your internet business dream. Keep pushing, keep pressing, don’t give up, and don’t give in.

I only got to where I’m by recognizing the above.

It took me awhile. We’re all human.
Start afresh for 2014.

Take your future seriously, and in your own hands.

The fact is – if you’re even reading this article, you HAVE all the ability to become successful online…you just need to…

– Be responsible
– Have the courage to LEARN and WORK
– STOP looking for and giving excuses
– And take the right action

A REAL business is not built overnight.

It’s by having the right mindset, training, tools and what everyone hates – learning and taking action.

That’s all I want to say for now.
Hope you’ll heed my advice for 2014.

This is how to create a powerful profit online business plan for 2014
It’s NEVER too early or late.

Happy New Year in advance!

Onome Maureen


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